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Many houses have a central heating which are powered by a gas/oil fired boiler. Central heating boilers are becoming more sophisticated and are now all equipped with a display. The display of a central heating system provides the user with information about the status of the device. At the time that a fault occurs displayed to the boiler than the interference by means of an error code on the display. In many cases, the user of the boiler can solve the problem by their self. Manuals are often not or no longer present. Error codes searching on the internet often gives many possibilities, but which solution is the right one. At, we provide information obtained from the manufactures of central heating boilers. You can easily search by entering your fault code in the search bar. does the rest for you. If it appears that the fault which is indicated in the display of your boiler is nog independently to solve, you can find an installer at the “installer search page” in your area, the error code is sent automatically to the appropriate installer. The know immediately what`s going on.