About boilererror.co.uk

Boilererror.co.uk is a service by Lamain Technical Support.

Many errors with regards to boilers can be solved by yourself, despite the fact that manuals are often no longer present. This will save you the cost of a visit by a service technician.
The purpose of this website is to solve the malfunctioning of boilers and / or heating installations. If you have a problem that really needs to be resolved by a professional click on page find a fitter, to search in your region.

In case of a problem with your boiler or heat pump you will find the error code on it’s display. After entering this error code on this website you will be presented a list of all common error codes that meet your criteria. This also applies to problems to central heating installations with a heat pump.

This website has been constructed with great care and a lot of time has been invested in keeping the database up to date. Never the less, it may happen that an error code is not known in the database. We apologize for this inconvenience.
Please fill in the form if you have any questions about the website or if you want to add an missing error code of your boiler in the database.

Thanks you in advance


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